The A G Bespoke Solutions team and our associated professional network provide a full array of professional project management services for your project; offering fully inclusive from inception to completion, encompassing all projects from new premises to the high quality refurbishment of existing facilities. We offer our bespoke services anywhere within the UK and our services are available for any European destination with direct onsite services or remote from our London offices.

Our vibrant and diverse company offers tailored services to suit the needs of both client and project; when compared with many of our larger competitors, we can be far more competitive to the benefit of our clients for the range of services provided. Our project management teams provide individual, hands-on, care, and our complete attention to ensure all our projects are delivered professionally and run smoothly. We have the experience to anticipate and address any potential issue before they can arise; resulting in a near seamless project delivery that fully satisfies the needs of all our client’s.

As part of our commitment to our clients; we offer a fully comprehensive solution to all our clients desires and aspirations. A G Bespoke Solutions have built strong relationships with an exceptional selection of professional services providers and we are able to offer a full range of inclusive or additional services, through our expanded associated professional network, enabling us to provide a full turnkey solution to your project; with our combined levels of experience, expertise and creativity offered to all our prospective clients.

The A G Bespoke Solutions team have built a strong reputation with Development Projects; our knowledge, experience, expertise and creativity are key in assisting with other professionals such as architects and planning consultants on the implementing of design and planning applications for a broad range of schemes.

Our background together with our associated professional network has developed strong working relationships with a selection of Architects and Planning Consultants; and can suggest and refer who best to instruct on your bespoke project. Regardless of scale or type; mixed use commercial and residential or a large site assembly, A G Bespoke Solutions and our associated professional network are well placed to advise on planning consultancy and architecture to submit all levels of planning application.

Asbestos is a material that was widely known for its carcinogenic properties and was extensively used in building construction throughout the Post War era until the mid 1970’s. The extent of Legislation concerned with Asbestos is particularly complex and onerous, and obligates parties to consider the question of the potential of asbestos and associated risks within a subject property. This has been repeatedly shown in both Case law and negligence claims against employers and companies from heath issues related to asbestos containing materials within a property.

A G Bespoke Solutions have worked with broad range of Asbestos Assessors and can arrange for Asbestos assessments to be undertaken for our clients; our recommended assessors have been well tested and are highly recommended for their diligence, efficiency and the competitiveness of rates for their services.

At A G Bespoke Solutions we recognise that a building that’s well looked-after will retain its value. Our Building Maintenance team assembles and implements a detailed strategy to facilitate a programmed maintenance schedule throughout a property’s life-cycle. The preparing and costing of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) strategies and the implementing of maintenance plans enables the effective management and coordination of capital expenditure into service charging. We also address the tenant considerations by making certain a clients contractual repair obligations of the lease are met and are integrated to an overarching dilapidations strategy.

The A G Bespoke Solutions team take a practical and collaborative approach, identifying the clients requirements for the property and tailoring a maintenance strategy to realistically and un-hinderingly achieve key performance criteria and business targets. Regardless of the extent of a clients portfolio, we will examine each building from a technical perspective detailing all elements including the fabric and structure to the engineering services and then closely liaise with our associates to create and execute your maintenance strategy.

The team at A G Bespoke Solutions and our associated professional network recognise our clients’ needs in the buying, selling, developing, occupation or funding of a property, our Building Survey team will provide a commercial advantage from the onset of a transaction. The combination of our insight, analysis and market knowledge can aid our clients in the identification and management of risk throughout the process

Our intelligent and thoughtful approach together with the breadth of our resources, skills and expertise that we bring together is unique, scrutinising every aspect of a transaction from technical and legal through to the most specialist areas of monitoring, environmental and construction to provide all our clients with timely and up to date information; ideas and strategies to ensure the success of a project and its deliverables. We are able to provide a full range of Building measurement together with Building, Engineering, and Environmental surveys and reports.

One of the most difficult processes, in any construction project, is the selection of contracting partners, as all construction projects require a balance between the levels of the quality, the cost and time to completion for the end product; together with an exceptional and overarching degree of professionalism and accountability extended by those delivering the project for our clients.

The quantity and extent of works undertaken by A G Bespoke Solutions has given us a broad insight into a wide and diverse selection of contracting partners; who we can recommend, or engage and coordinate, to provide a fully bespoke solution for the realisation of a project and offers the reassurance of a fully integrated turnkey solution to suit all budgetary and quality requirements and aspirations regardless of a projects scale and scope.

A G Bespoke Solutions recognise that clients with a commercial interest in a development can sometimes have little immediate control over the construction or information regarding the progress or ultimate protection of their interests, our bespoke monitoring services teams ensure all parties achieve the deliverables from a project; for all prospective tenants, lenders or investment owners.

Our team and associated professional network has the experience and background to develop a highly tailored service that stems from a detailed understanding of our clients interests and needs, from the beginning of a project, and then to align all the moving parts in the project. The combination of our experience spans all sectors, asset classes and scopes of projects and we engage only the highest level of monitoring surveyors, who are all seasoned consultants from building surveying, cost consultancy and project management.

EPC Legislation came into force on the 1st October 2008; requiring that an EPC be provided for the leasing or sale of all commercial premises. The certificate provides ‘A’ to ‘G’ ratings for the building, with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient and ‘G’ being the least, with the UK average being a ‘D’ rating. Accredited energy assessors produce EPCs alongside an associated report to suggest improvements to make a building more energy efficient, reports remain valid for a period of up to 10 years, subject to any alterations to the property.

A G Bespoke Solutions have worked with a select range of EPC Assessors and can arrange for EPC assessments to be undertaken for our clients; our recommended assessors have been well tested and are recommended by our associates offering highly competitive rates for their undertakings.

A G Bespoke Solutions understand the logistics and stresses involved when considering, designing, planning and moving to a new premises entails, and requires excellent forward planning to overcome short term financial impacts and interruptions a move can cause to an organisation.

For businesses seeking a fully integrated service that can design and undertake the necessary works for your new space, we work with a number of contractors, designers and fit-out specialists who we can recommend and coordinate for you. We can organise all the necessities from site meetings, specifications, tenders, and project planning that will be followed up with a selection of ideas and written quotes for your consideration.

Depending on budget and requirements, we work with a broad range of contractors that specialise in all levels of specification and space planning, who are experts in their field, and have the experience to advise on how best arrange a layout that works well for your business to deliver the best turnkey option to suit your needs.